EnThinnai is a 1:1 messaging application that is user-centric, privacy focused and allows users to own and easily port their data. While many web-based applications focus on massive scalability, our focus has been low-end scalability so that an individual and small businesses can run this application without losing any functionality including loss of so called network effect. Your friends and customers do not have to register or install anything to call you.

Our Services

Managed hosting

We host and manage your own dedicated instance. Currently they are hosted on Amazon Web Services. Other cloud providers could be added after the trial period.

Hosting in your neighborhood

You will be able to select a geographical region where the instance should be located.

authenticated guest access

Custom integration

On a case by case basis we will consider integration to backend office programs you may be using like Patient Management Software.

Salient features

Nothing to download; nothing to install

The app is built on WebRTC standard that has been adopted by most of the browsers. The app inherits all the security aspects built into the standard.

No registrations/passwords

Your friends and clients need not register. That means they do not have to remember a password.

Authenticate the caller

It is up to you to decide whether the caller needs to be authenticated or not. Even though they may not have an account, the app will send one time code to their email.


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